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We provide assistance to any cyclist who wants to freshen up their mastery of this wonderful and only truly sustainable way of locomotion.

Woman cycling, training, proficiency

Gals on 2 Wheels

Gals on 2 Wheels helps women who want to cycle without having to put on lycra gain confidence riding a bike, be it to do some shopping or to meet friends for a coffee.

Bike Bus children pupils cycling to school

Bike Bus Training for Parents

Training for parents who want to accompany their children as they safely cycle to school, increasing a child's confidence while improving physical fitness.

Bike buses make the school commute interesting for kids and each child on a bike takes a car off the road, reducing traffic volume and improving air quality.

Ping us a message if you would like assistance with starting a Bike Bus at your child's school.

Cycling in city traffic

Cycling in Traffic

Cycling in Traffic is geared towards cyclists who do not feel comfortable riding in traffic. The sessions include a pre-ride inspection of your bike, road positioning, and dealing with the unexpected.

cycling on the Ards Peninsula Northern Ireland

Exploring the Ards Peninsula

The Ards Peninsula is one of Ireland's best cycling regions, be it along the Irish Sea or Strangford Lough.

Contact us for a guided tour.

Bike Buddy.jpg

Bike Buddies

Our Bike Buddies scheme combines elements of the other training modules into one or more comprehensive tailored one-on-one sessions.

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